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Hand Surgery Centre Newcastle specialises in all aspects of hand and wrist surgery and therapy.

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Specialising in all aspects of hand and microsurgery...

Dr Andrew Myers

Dr Myers is a fully qualified Hand and Microsurgeon living with his family in Newcastle Australia.

Dr Myers initially trained in Orthopaedic Surgery in Newcastle Australia to obtain his FRACS in Orthopaedics, after which he moved his entire family to Singapore to further train in Hand and Microsurgery at the National University Hospital.

During his Orthopaedic training in Newcastle, it was apparent to Dr Myers that the community was in need of specialised Reconstructive Hand and Microsurgeons, who would be able to treat not only the basics of Hand Surgery, but also the most severe industrial accidents to save injured patient's digits and limbs.The level of training and discipline to perform this surgery came only after intensive training and countless operations and as Singapore has a large shipping and industrial component to their workload, it was the ideal environment to develop these skills.

Hand Surgery Centre gives Dr Myers the opportunity to manage all the dynamics of private practice including workers compensation, privately insured, third party, DVA and self funded patients. His ongoing commitment and goal is to ensure the highest level of care and skill is delivered to all of his patients. Dr Myers maintains his high professional standards through continuing medical education and remaining a member of The Royal Australian College of Surgeons, The NSW Hand Surgery Society and The Singapore Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Dr Myers specialises in minimally invasive surgical techniques including endoscopic carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery, arthroscopic surgery and fracture management. Dr Myers is able to provide treatment for conditions including arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, trigger fingers, joint replacements, nerve compressions, all hand and wrist fractures, microsurgical repair of tendons, nerves and arteries and treatment of tennis elbow.

Dr Myers is able to provide acute treatment for all hand injuires including workers compensation injuries through both Newcastle Private Hospital, Maitland Private Hospital and Lake Macquarie Private Hospital.  

Dr Myers believes a person should feel passionate about their job and inspire those around them to become the best they can be.